Toll Manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing

We specialize in delivering blending and filling services to help you manufacture your customized or own brand solutions.

Toll Manufacturing

At Witcorp Products, we tailor our blending processes to suit your specific requirements. From liquid blends to dry powders, any concentration level and formula can be manufactured by our blending experts.



With years of experience in ​chemical mixing, we help our ​customers manufacture ​chemical solutions based on ​their formulas.

Filling and Repacking

Our filling station has 6 ​filling lines that enable us to ​fill drums of different sizes. ​We also supplies various ​chemical package to fit your ​demand sizing from 20L ​drum to IBC tank.

Material Sourcing

We has an established ​network with the leading ​chemical suppliers in local ​and oversea region. We help ​businesses to source raw ​material of their demand.